SbK Spins Feature:
  • The use of docks instead of panels.
  • Custom dark themes.
  • Matching grub and lightdm themes.
  • Custom Icon themes.
  • Removal of bloat.
  • Desktop effects.
  • Multiarch by default.
  • A signed repository.
The goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to polish the desktop.

Manjaro Spins
Manjaro Linux offers users tools to create custom live install iso's. The iso's are 100% compatible with the Majaro official repositories and the AUR. SbK Manjaro spins are based on the Manjaro stable branch which like all Manjaro branches is a rolling release distribution. As such the software is more up to date than static release distributions but more stable than the bleeding edge of Arch Linux.

Debian Spins
Debian spins are created with heavily modified Eznix script setup. It uses live build and the Debian repositories to create 100% Debian OS compatible spins. The spins are setup as rolling releases following the Debian testing branch. That means the end user never has to reinstall to another release. As well as software being kept up to date faster than Debian static releases without the risks of running Debian unstable that may lead to the system becoming unusable because of bugs.